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Today in MJJ HIStory

1995 – HIStory promo statue of Michael Jackson is sailed under Tower Bridge.

Michael Jackson sailing down the Thames

Michael Jackson sailing down the Thames

Sony built nine Jackson statues – with Michael cast in military garb, bandolier across his chest, fists clenched at his side, gazing off into the distance each about 32 feet tall, weighed about 4,625- pounds, built with a steel truss frame and fibreglass surface. It took a team of at least 30 people to build the statues over a three-month period, and additional expense and manpower to put them into position. There were also 6-foot cardboard versions of the statue as part of the promotion. They became center pieces in an elaborate $30 million campaign to promote Jackson and his new album and were placed strategically in European cities in June 1995.

HIStory Promo Statue    
HIStory Promo Statue HIStory statues on DVD box cover

One of the giant Jacksons was floated on a barge through London, England down the Thames River. London’s Tower Bridge was raised to let the giant Jackson pass through. The statue was then moored near the Tower of London for a week before touring the country.
About a week later, on June 29th, another of the Jackson statues was put into its promotional position in Berlin, Germany, lowered there by a giant construction crane at Alexanderplatz. Photos of the Jackson statue were also used variously on the covers of concert tickets, CDs, and DVDs serving as an image theme throughout the HIStory campaign.

2002 – Michael Jackson was mobbed by fans during a visit to Exeter City Football Club in England, where he has been made an honorary director. He pronounces a speech in which he states:

“I’m very happy, very happy to be here with you today. Today, today we come here to support children. We come here to support children with AIDS. To help, to help beyond these of those affected by HIV and AIDS. We will help them to build a good future. All of us working together for them. A future without prejudice. For these children and their families. We are here to support and help the people of Africa to find a solution in the fight against the swear of HIV AIDS … and malaria … through education and awareness, we aim at conviction but we help with cure”.

Michael attends a demonstration against Sony Music.

Michael at the Sony demonstration

Michael at the Sony demonstration

Michael made his first appearance regarding the Sony affair at a demonstration against Sony in London, U.K. The unprecedented event took place in front of the European offices of Sony Music, in Great Marlborough Street, central London. Michael Jackson made a surprise appearance at the demonstration, standing on the top deck of an open-top sightseeing bus.

Later that day, he appeared at the party of U.K. based fanclub, “MJNI” where he openly talked about Sony. Read below what Michael had the say:

Michael at Sony demonstration

Michael at Sony demonstration

“I want to thank all the great, incredible talents. As long as you play the music, I want to dance! [referring to Ernest Valentino] I want to thank this guy for a wonderful performance. I thought Bryton McClure was amazing, too. He’s a great singer as well. Anyway, I first wanted to say, I really don’t like to talk that much. I really don’t. I prefer performing than talking. I really want you to know what I say. The tradition of great performers: from Sammy Davis Junior, James Brown, to Jackie Wilson, to Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly. The story is usually the same, though. These guys worked really hard, and they’re crabbed, for the story ends the same. They are usually broken, torn and usually just sad, because the companies take advantage of them, they really do.

And being the artist that I am, at Sony I’ve generated several billion dollars for Sony, several billion. They really thought that my mind is always on music and dancing. It usually is, but they never thought that this performer -myself- would out think them.

So, we can’t let them get away with what they’re trying to do, because now I’m a free agent. I just owe Sony one more album. It’s just a box set, really, with two new songs which I’ve written ages ago. Because for every album that I record, I write -literally, I’m telling you the truth- I write at least 120 songs every album I do. So I can do the box set, just giving them any two songs. So I’m leaving Sony, a free agent, owning half of Sony. I own half of Sony’s Publishing. I’m leaving them, and they’re very angry at me, because I just did good business, you know. So the way they get revenge is to try and destroy my album. But I’ve always said, you know, art -good art- never dies.

And Tommy Mottola is a devil! I’m not supposed to say what I’m going to say right now, but I have to let you know this. [Points to crowd.] Please don’t videotape what I am going to say, ok? Turn it off, please. [Pausing, then changing his mind] Do it, do it, I don’t mind! Tape it!
Mariah Carey, after divorcing Tommy, came to me crying. Crying. She was crying so badly I had to hold her. She said to me, ‘This is an evil man, and Michael, this man follows me’. He taps her phones, and he’s very, very evil. She doesn’t trust him.

We have to continue our drive until he is terminated. We can’t allow him to do this to great artists, we just can’t. I just wanted to let you know, I appreciate everything you’ve done, you’ve been amazing. “You’re so loyal! [Scanning the audience]. Diana, everybody, Waldo, all the people here! I love you all. You’ve been amazing, I love you! But still, but still, I promise you, the best is yet to come!”


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