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Today in MJJ HIStory

1970 – Jackson 5 performs at the Forum, Cow Palace, San Francisco.

J5ive at the Forum

Jackson 5ive with the mayor at the Forum

Six weeks after their live debut in Philadelphia, the Jackson 5 played a show at The Forum in Inglewood, California (they had done a special opening gig for Ike & Tina Turner and Rare Earth at San Francisco’s Cow Palace the previous night), where they broke attendance records with 18,675 paid admissions, grossing $105,000.

Michael described the experience soon after it happened:


Jackson 5ive - Live at the Forum

“In San Francisco and Los Angeles, it looked like the walls were falling the way hundreds of them, the girls, came at the stage all together; but we have to practice getting away too, so we’re ready to drop everything and run.”

“Jermaine dropped his guitar and took off at the Forum concert. We can always get a new guitar for him, but he’d be kinda hard to replace. It’s too bad really, ’cause we can’t finish the show the way we rehearsed. We always have to run off stage, and we can’t thank the audience and stuff, you know the way we’d really like too, we just have to run away.”

Now with three number one singles in a row, the group was enjoying a level of success that they would struggle to repeat in later years – except, of course, for Michael who was just beginning his life as a pop superstar.

1988 – Michael arrives in Paris with Jimmy Safechuck, PR Bob Jones and bodyguard Wayne Nagin. They stay at the Crillon Palace.
While in Paris, mayor Jacques Chirac presents Michael with La Grande Medaille de la Ville de Paris.


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