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Today in MJJ HIStory

1995 – Michael is presented with the first ever “Michael Jackson Special Award” for his humanitarian work at the 3rd Annual VH1 Honors held at the Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles.


Michael with his "Michael Jackson Special" Award at the VH1 Honors

Its inscription says:
The power of music
is the power of the soul
VH1 honors
the musician who goes
beyond sharing the
soul and shares time,
energy and resources
to help others
JUNE 22ND, 1995

American actor Morgan Freeman presented to him with the “Special International Artist Award” for record sales and worldwide relief endeavors. The award was later renamed the “Michael Jackson Special Award.”
Before the presentation the group Boyz II Men performed a medley of ‘Heal The World‘ and ‘We Are The World‘ and Michael joined for the last verse.


Michael & Boyz II Men singing "We Are The World"

[After singing with Boyz II Men Michael walks over to Morgan Freeman. Michael and Morgan shake hands. Then Michael points at Morgan.]

Michael: I’m a big fan.

[Morgan immediately gives back the compliment also pointing at Michael.]

Morgan Freeman: I’m a big fan.

Michael…[The crowd is very loud throughout the entire speech.]…Listen…

On behalf of VH1 we’d like to present this award to you for the work you have done over the years. Performing in charity [Michael smiles.] and in addition – listen to this now – VH1 is proud to announce the creation of a special VH1 International Honors Award for the King of Pop which will be presented in future to artists with their world wide charitable work following in the footsteps of yourself. Congratulations!

[They shake hands. Morgan presents the award to Michael. Michael lets everybody see the award. He points at Morgan who stepped back.]

Michael: I’m a major fan, he’s a phenomenon. I mean it. Thank you.

Thank you, Morgan. Thank you VH1, thank you for this honor. Thank you all my friends and fans for your love and support. [He smiles.]

You’ve given me so much, it allowed me to take some of that love and pass it on to those people whose problems in this world need and deserve our help. A perfect example is the recent U.N. announcement that 1 to 3 million lives could be saved if Third World children were given a vitamin A pill three times a year. Cost per child is just six cents, that’s all. So we must join together in healing the world so we can share this beautiful planet in joy and love. I love you very much.

[Michael does the victory sign, then he blows a kiss to the audience. He takes a bow and leaves.]


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