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Today in MJJ HIStory

1981 – The Jacksons’ “Triumph” Tour opens at Mid-South Coliseum Stadium in Memphis, Tennessee.

Triumph Tour

Michael strikes an iconic pose during the Triumph Tour

During their 39-city tour, the brothers played to approx. 600,000 fans, grossing approx. $5.5 million – a resounding success by any standards; concluded with a record-breaking sold-out week of shows at the L.A Forum, California, in September. It also raised $100,000 for the Atlanta Children’s Foundation. The show choreographed by Michael along with Marlon, included pyrotechnics & special effects by magician Doug Henning. The live show featured songs from the group’s Epic catalog, a medley of their Motown hits, and five songs from lead singer Michael’s solo album Off the Wall. Rolling Stone magazine cited the Triumph Tour as one of the best 25 “Greatest live performances of the 1957-1987”.

The Jacksons Live!

The Jacksons Live!

The Jacksons Live!

The Triumph tour was recorded and released as an live album in November 1981. The double album was culled from recordings made in August 1981 on the tour’s stops in Buffalo, NY; Providence, RI; Atlanta, GA; and New York City, NY. The live album would go on to sell over two million copies worldwide and eventually went gold.


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