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Today in MJJ HIStory

1985 – Michael sprained his right hand during the filming of a dance sequence on the set of Captain EO, and was taken to Brotman Memorial Hospital in Culver City, the same place he had been rushed to eighteen months earlier when he was burned on the set of the Pepsi commercial.

Accompanying him was young Jonathan Spence, a boy (ten or eleven years old) who had been friends with Michael since about the fall of 1984.

1988 – Michael had his own TV special. Michael Jackson: Around the World was a 90min special featuring concert footage of the Bad tour, with Michael, as usual, having final appoval of the footage to be included. While the concert footage of the Bad tour was impressive, it still only gives a small taste of the excitement of seeing MJ perform live. Clips of Michael with his band, singers & dancers performing “Working Day & Night” gives only a small sense of the song’s elaborate production. Footage is shown of Michael’s concert performances of “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You”, “Human Nature”, “Beat It”, & the Jackson 5ive classics, “I want You Back” & “The Love You Save”.

Michael’s band members speak of the excitement of playing London’s Wembley Stadium. Frank Dileo adds, “Playing Wembley is one of the biggest honors any artist could have. It’s a status symbol within artists themselves, whether or not they can sell out Wembley Stadium, and of course Michael set a new record. He sold it out 7 times. You can’t get any bigger than that.”

The program also featured the premiere of Michael’s latest video, for “Another Part of Me”. Filmed at London’s Wembley Stadium on July 15, 1988, the video is of an actual performance of the song from the Bad tour. Too frequent cuts, however, detract from Michael’s fancy footwork performed during the song.

MJ:Around the World was the highest rated summer special ever in its time slot, it aired at 11:30 p.m. It earned a 8.7 rating, which is equal to 27% of the tv audience. The program was later renamed MJ: Fans Around the World & rebroadcast on MTV several times. An edited, hour long, version was shown in April, 1989, on the BET network. BET presented Michael with an award in recognition of the tour’s success while he was winding up the tour in LA.


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