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Today in MJJ HIStory

1981 – The Jacksons perform Triumph Tour at Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale.

1984 – The Jacksons perform Victory tour at Neyland Stadium, Knoxville, Tennessee, USA attending 48,783.

1994 – Michael shoots a teaser, a Communist-themed video, for his forthcoming album with a whole army of russian soldiers!

The album HIStory Michael Jackson, released in stores June 15, 1995, received an unusual promotional campaign. Imagine this: the giant statues (12 meters high) Michael Jackson erected in the great capitals of the world, a statue of the star standing on a barge down the Thames in front of stunned passers … That an album full figured Two years at the top of the list of International Priorities Established by Sony to Promote the album. And a trailer unpublished.

The time of 20 seconds of commercials announcing “the new album is in stores. Michael Jackson has big, very big, and gives the public a mini-movie of 4 minutes. This “teaser” as he is often called, was originally to accompany the release of a song on the album as a single (ie, there was a clip ). Finally, the singer Decided To Dedicate this video to Promote THE ENTIRE disk.

The mini-movie titled “The Eastern Europe Redeemer” (“The Redeemer of Eastern Europe) and introduced Michael Jackson as the general of a gigantic army pacifist, idolized and glorified by the masses. A scenario that seems a tad egocentric, but that is the heart of business strategy perfectly orchestrated. Sony, as the star, know that this clip will trigger a media hurricane. And even if critics brought to the video are unfavorable, they will put Michael Jackson still prominent in the newspapers, giving it considerable publicity. Directed by Rupert Wainwright the short film and the reaction to it marked (or better said underlined) the gap between how Michael’s music and work was received by the critics and the media and the reception they got from the fan base and the general public.

The video shoot was continued during the day and evening Monday in the castle district of the Hungarian kings, dating from the 13th century on the hills of Budapest on the famous Andrassy Avenue, on the shore left of the Danube. In this clip, Michael becomes nothing less than the redeemer of Eastern Europe as he leads an army of peace which should drive the Soviet troops.

Michael, who must soon start its new album, “HIStory,” has invested $ 5 million U.S. of his own fortune to run this movie which promises to be spectacular. Some hundreds of young Hungarians had the pleasure of working as extras in the video, but all of them wanted to play members of the peace.

The Hungarian extras refused to wear the uniform of soldiers of the Red Army to recreate a similar sequence to the triumphal march that rallied the troops of Hitler at the beginning of the Second World War. They therefore have to use the services of a British recruitment agency to hire real soldiers. They arrived with 100 Royal Marines and some paratroopers. These soldiers have received a fee of $ 135 U.S. per day, plus stay in four star hotels and enjoy, of course, a free trip. It will cost to hire those soldiers, about U.S. $ 150 000.

Michael Jackson was present at the scene of the shooting about noon on Sunday to shoot some close-ups and dance sequences, but was filmed when all adjustments and tests were performed. In other words, a double took his place on time as the director adjusts all settings (positioning of cameras, motion cameras, etc.). His work had been prepared in detail by his understudy, who was on site from early morning to check the sites, the dance steps, lighting and camera angles. Then Michael Jackson came on stage. He arrived on the scene about noon, accompanied by his wife Lisa Marie Presley and shaded by a huge umbrella raspberry color. Lisa Marie was seen comfortably seated in a corner of the courtyard of the Kings during the shooting of her husband.

The sweltering heat Was That Day: about 40° C, a blazing sun. Michael Jackson wore a jacket designed by his special costume designer Michael Bush: a spectacular innovation since this was the first air conditioned jacket in the world. The singer could adjust the temperature inside the jacket as needed. This explains that at no time has it seemed to suffer from heat, unlike the video extras … Steps have been taken anyway to make working conditions less painful in the morning were shot outdoors scenes in costume, the afternoon was more devoted to scenes of “inside” and, in the early evening, outdoor shooting resumed.

HIStory Teaser Two versions of the spot have been presented to the public: the first was a short version (2’30) broadcast on television. Second, a full 4 minutes played in U.S. theaters before movies. The second, a full 4 minutes Played in U.S. theaters Before movies. Initially it was planned a sequel to this video.

Michael Jackson wanted to prolong the effect of teaser by using the international auxiliary language “Esperanto”. Not only is the green star on Michael’s uniform a long-time, historical symbol of the International Language, Esperanto, but also that much of the background singing is in Esperanto. For example in the intro a man shout, “Ni konstruas ^ci tiun skulpta^jon en la nomo de ^ciuj landoj kaj tutmonda patrineco kaj la kuracpovo de la muziko.” This means “We build this sculpture in the name of every land and the global motherhood and healing power of music.” This language was built in 1887 by Ludwik Zamenhof Lejzer, who wanted to allow people speaking different languages to understand. The meaning of the word esperanto is “one who hopes”. The creator of the language is L.L. Zamenhof and his aim was to create a politically free language with the purpose of working towards peace. He had the idea to create an international language, very easy to learn. Today, Esperanto is spoken by about 2 million people in the world.

The budget was therefore teaser: 8 million. He has, as expected, caused much reaction from the media. “This is the worst example of glorifying a singer has ever dared to offer” several American critics have noted. The controversy has finally benefited from Michael Jackson, HIStory had become the double album’s best-selling history (19 million copies in 2006).

Script: Sound of leather boots marching in rhythm on the cobblestone. A smithy spitting sparks. The molten metal that flows freely. Something is preparing
A battalion of soldiers paraded in the streets, the rhythm of a solemn music, slow, ponderous. The army crosses a bridge
overlooking the Danube. Hundreds of people gathered behind barriers at the roadside, apparently waiting for something or someone. Suddenly, a shot shows the torso of a man, wearing a black jacket and silver. We see neither his face, nor her lower body. The crowd starts yelling “Michael”, the arms tend to try to touch.
Then the camera shoots the legs of the person who marched at the head of soldiers. He wears black boots and kneepads.
The music becomes increasingly strong, the voices sing the glory of the “unknown soldier”.
A picture of a fist, hers, the man seems to move with determination. A girl fainted. Everywhere Flags are hung with his portrait, one of them, gigantic, represents a black eye on white background. And suddenly, filmed Idling at a rate of hysterical screams from the crowd is Michael Jackson. Dressed in black Silver head to toe, he removes his glasses, silver and sends a kiss to her admirers in a black-gloved hand. Behind He ranks of soldiers spread out of sight in the distance, along the famous boulevard Andrassy Budapest.
Screams, fainting and suddenly a dead silence. More music, only the sound of studded boots soldiers banging on the ground . They stop and perform a choreographed very influential military. Part the clip ends.
Part II – The night has fallen on the city, helicopters flew over the area, the crowd rushes in screaming to a place where a mysterious monument erected covered with a tarp. Powerful lights come on men complete installation of explosives around the memorial, some people in the crowd lit candles. shooter Elite adjusts his glasses and trigger explosives. The ropes holding the canvas and explode it slip
slowly revealing to viewers the monument: a huge statue of “General Jackson” (which was manufactured in the Forge that we saw at the beginning of the clip).
Scenes of jubilation, fireworks, spotlights sweep the statue, the girls s fading everyone screams and marvels, a child shouts “Michael I Love You”! helicopters perform a victorious flight around the Statue, the camera rotates around her head and become a gray screen, appear the words “MICHAEL JACKSON HISTORY”. End.

Note that all scenes involving the statue have been created through a miniature model: the statue appears in the clip was really just a “small” sculpture articulated 1m20 tall, designed by Kleizer-Walczak Studios.
This company is specialized in computer animation and special effects and has enabled the realization films like “X-Men”, “The Son of the Mask,” “Dungeons and Dragons” or even “Stargate”. Ms. Walczak is in person sculpted the statue of Michael Jackson.
On the other hand, the huge army led by Michael Jackson in the video was designed in part on computer.
A hundred real soldiers were filmed and their movements have been reproduced by computer to give the illusion that they were tens of thousands in the clip.
Team mobilized
Director: Ruppert Wayne Wright.
Director of Photography: Glen Wexler.
Artistic Director: David Coleman.
Statue and special effects: Kleiser Walczak Productions

During what might be called an important business trip for Michael, he joined with pleasure in enjoying their stay in foreign countries to present his new wife to the press. Michael, who is always discreet, avoiding photographers and using every conceivable disguises to avoid being recognized, seemed always very proud to show the arms of his new wife. Lisa Marie had left New York to his daughter, Danielle, five, and son Benjamin, who nearly two years.

It was during this journey in Hungary that Lisa Marie and Michael have announced they will participate in the show that will be given October 8 in Memphis next to the memory of Elvis. This special recital will be called ‘Elvis Aaron Presley-l’Hommage’. The newlyweds will join together on several major singing stars like Elton John, Willie Nelson and Bon Jovi, who perform some of the greatest hits King.


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