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Today in MJJ HIStory

1969 – The Jackson Five (soon to be called “The Jackson 5″) were formally introduced to the music press by Diana Ross, on behalf of Motown, at a private club called the Daisy in Hollywood [on North Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills] at a special party that began at 6:30 p.m. on August 11, 1969.

Diana Ross invited 350 guests to a Beverly Hills club to see the newest Motown act, The Jackson 5. Berry Gordy predicts that the Jackson 5 first 3 singles will be number ones hit single and that they will become one of the biggest selling acts of the decade.

Five days later, they performed with Diana at a concert at the Los Angeles Forum.

It was at this party that ten-year-old Michael, just over two weeks away from his 11th birthday, was instructed to tell interviewers that he was only eight years old. Ever the professional, young Michael understood the importance of publicity in show business, and eager to please, he gladly did as he was told.

1973 – The Jackson 5 perform in concert in Columbia, South Carolina.

1974 – The Jackson 5 perform in concert in Kansas City, Missouri.

1992 – Michael Jackson’s single “Jam” was released.

1995 – New York Times, titled “SONY’S GROUP PROFIT RISES 91%”. The articled added the rises of profit to the release of “History”, by Michael Jackson.


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