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Today in MJJ HIStory

1971 – The Jackson Five’s ABC album rules the Billboard R&B chart summit, one of three LPs by the group that spend a total 31 weeks at the top in 1971.

1972 – The Jackson 5 single “Lookin’ Through The Windows” hit #16 in the U.S. Lookin’ Through the Windows was the title track as well as the second single off J5’s fifth studio album on Motown. The album would go on to sell 3.5 million copies worldwide while the single went to number five in R&B.

Single Details:
Composed by: Clifton Davis
Lead Vocals : Michael Jackson
Background Vocals : The Jackson 5
Arranged by John Bahler & James Carmichael
Vocal Arrangement : John Bahler
Produced by Hal Davis
Executive Producer : Berry Gordy
Recorded at the Motown Recording Studio, Los Angeles, California.

US single released June 23, 1972
# 5 RNB, #16 Pop, #9 UK
Sales : 1 534 827 (World), 581 426 (USA)

Lookin’ through the windows
The window to your heart
Oh baby, yeah
I can see it’s cloudy
The rain’s about to start

Lookin’ through the windows
It seems I caused your fears
And that little doubt, girl
And now it’s bringing tears

Just remember whatever makes you feel that way
Don’t you worry ’cause I’m gonna stay
Right by your side
To keep on lookin’ through the windows
Lookin’ in your eyes

Looking through the windows
Seems like the only way, yeah
I can’t know your feelings
If you still love me today

Just remember whatever makes you feel that way
Don’t you worry ’cause I’m gonna stay
Right by your side
To keep on lookin’ through the windows
Lookin’ in your eyes

All Music Review: Starting with the arresting strings-dominated accents that are similar to the ones found on the ending riffing section of Issac Hayes’ “Shaft,” the Jackson 5’s “Lookin’ Through the Windows” stands as one of the group’s most intricately arranged sides, robust with striking vocal harmonies, dazzling counterpoint, and energetic time changes. The title refers to the lyrical theme which revolves around the “eyes are the windows to the soul.” The song was written by Clifton Davis who also wrote their airy 1971 number one R&B hit “Never Can Say Goodbye.”

Also on the same day, Michael perform at the 1972 Forum show, Saturday night, August 26, 1972, Michael was three days from his 14th birthday. Motown had launched him as a solo artist the year before and he already had three hit singles on his own; by this concert “Ben” was the current release. He gets a significant solo spot in the show, made all the sweeter with his brothers’ harmonies backing him up on each song.

This spectacular version of “Got To Be There” is one of six solo MJ songs perform live at the forum. Man, he gets up there strong.
Source: j5live.tumblr.com

1981 – The Jacksons perform Triumph tour at Milwaukee Arena, Milwaukee, USA.

1984 – The Jacksons perform Victory tour at Rich Stadium, Buffalo, New York, attending 47,000 fans.

1988 – Michael perform the 6th of seven sold out Wembley shows of the Bad tour at Wembley Stadium, London, England.

1992 – Michael perform Dangerous World tour at Prater Stadium, Vienna, Austria attending 50,000 fans.

1993 – The scheduled concert on the 25th in Thailand, during the Asian leg of the Dangerous tour, was cancelled and rescheduled for the 26th. The concert was again cancelled because Jackson had not fully recovered from dehydration and stress pertaining to the allegations. Jackson released an audio-taped message to his fans saying “I promise all my fans to perform at the National Stadium in Bangkok on August 27. I will see you Friday. I love you all.”

1997 – Michael perform HIStory World tour at Olympic Stadium, Helsinki, Finland.

2003 – It was announced the Michael Jackson would open his Neverland Ranch to people for a “once in a lifetime” event for $5,000. The invited guests would get a tour of the grounds and eat two meals on September 13.


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