Michael Jackson For All Time
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Today in MJJ HIStory

1991 – “Looking Back To Yesterday: A Young Michael” was released by Motown.

1993 – After postponing twice because he was suffering from acute dehydration, his second Bangkok concert was finally staged on 27th August before a capacity 70,000 audience. Clearly believing, as he resolutely maintained, Michael was innocent of any wrongdoing, fans chanted their support and waved banners with Michael’s name and ‘We love you‘ on them.

1994 – Michael Jackson is on the cover of Derniere Heure magazine.

1997 – News broke that singer Joni Mitchell and Sony / ATV Music Publishing signed a major deal [effective July 1, 1997] to administer Ms Mitchell’s music catalogue. Sony / ATV is a joint venture owned equally by Sony Corporation and Michael Jackson, and is the world’s 3rd largest [!] music publishing company. The firm will handle requests to license Ms Michell’s songs worldwide for use in various outlets, including film and television, except for Australia, Italy and Britain.

Michael Jackson is on the cover of Kroonika magazine, Estonia.

1995 – Michael Jackson testified in a lawsuit brought against his family by the producers of the “Jackson Family Honors” show. He stated that he never promised to perform, but agreed to present awards.


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