Michael Jackson For All Time
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Today in MJJ HIStory

1975 – The Jacksons in Concert, Mount Vernon, NY. Mount Vernon ‘Forever Came Today’ date billed as ‘The Labor Day Concert’,
with special guest stars Tavares.

1984 – The Jacksons perform Victory tour at JFK Stadium, Philadelphia [Pennsylvania, USA] attending 60,000.

On the day the Jackson’s came to town, Randy and Tito showed up at Childrens Hospital to meet sick children. That night the Jacksons would take the stage at JFK for the first night.

They did. With the low stage , fans in the front row could almost reach out and touch Michael Jackson. He was only 5 feet away! Fans in the back had to strain their necks to get a view. The moon walk made fans roar with approval. Their were chairs on the field of JFK Stadium. That was something that had not been done before. However, no one sat in them. In fact, people stood on them for this show. Security was strict, making sure no one snuck up front.

Songs played included “Torture” and of course Michael played some solo material. He was riding high from the Thriller album and played many songs from it. Such as “Billy Jean” and ” Pretty Young Thing”. The show lasted about two hours. There were special effects such as dry ice smoke and an elaborate light show. During the concert, Michael did not really converse with the crowd.

Modern Screen magazine featured Michael on their cover with the story MICHAEL’s Tour Has The Country Jumping!

– Michael Jackson’s album “Bad” was released in U.K.
During its first week in the UK it outsold the #2 album HITS 6 by an unprecedented margin of 10:1, shifting 350,000 copies – a record. BAD debuted at #1 and held the top for 5 weeks and remained on the charts for 109 weeks consecutively. BAD was the best selling album of 1987. To date it has accumulated 115 (+2?) weeks on the UK’s album chart – Michael’s third straight release to top two years. Unusually, in UK, BAD outsold THRILLER – with sales hovering around the four million mark, it has turned thirteen times platinum. BAD is generally recognised as the UK’s no.3 best selling album of all time.

1994Bravo magazine featured MJ & Lisa on the cover.


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