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Today in MJJ HIStory

1980 – A month before they issued their fourth album, the Jacksons (including Jermaine) were honored with a star on Hollywood Boulevard’s world famous ‘Walk Of Fame’.
In recognition of their contribution to contemporary music, the star is situated on Vine Street, and it was unveiled by the city’s Chamber of Commerce.

More than 2000 adoring fans of the famous Jacksons–Jackie, Tito, Marlon, Michael and Randy–turned out to witness the talented brothers receive their star at the famed corner of Sunset and Vine in Hollywood.

The crush of screaming, shoving admirers was so great that bodyguards, in order to prevent injury, had to whisk the singers away before they could be photographed with the stars.

The “stars” bearing the names of show business celebrities are placed in the Hollwood Walk of Fame by the Hollwood Chamber of Commerce.

Following the ceremony, the Jackson clan gathered for a dinner party at Chasen’s Restaurant.
In attendance were proud parents, Katherine and Joseph Jackson, and grandmother, Mrs. Crystale Jackson, Maureen Jackson-Brown with 2-year-old daughter Yashi, and sister LaToya and Janet Jackson.

Also on hand were Enid, Dee-Dee and Carole Jackson, the wives of Jackie, Tito and Marlon, respectively, as well as singer-composer Barry White and wife Glodean, television producer Dick Clark and wife, Carrie. Clark received a plaque from the Jacksons thanking him for his support of their careers.

1984 – The Jacksons third Philadelphia concert is rained out, it is rescheduled for 28th September.

1993Several Jackson family members arrived in Taipei, Taiwan, the Dangerous tour’s next stop. Joseph & Katherine, Rebbie, Jackie, Tito & Jermaine all joined Michael. Michael arrived in Taipei on the same day with Elizabeth Taylor and was greeted by hordes of cheering fans who then followed him to his hotel. He later waved to his fans from his penthouse suite at the Taipei Sherwood Hotel. Just after the arrival of his family, Liz & Larry Fortensky left Taiwan. Between his two Dangerous Tour concerts at Taipei’s Municipal Stadium in Taiwan, Michael Jackson visits a Toys ‘R’ Us store that closed for two hours for his visit. He spends 4,500 dollars on video games, water pistols and other toys for his nephews who accompanied him to the store; he also spends time with the store manager’s children and stops to paint a picture.

1997 – When the Ostend concert finally went ahead, Michael dedicated it to the ‘Queen of Hearts’, and prior to the show he had two huge pictures of Diana put on stage. During the concert fans held burning lighters high above their heads as Michael played Gone Too Soon and his planned (but ultimately withdrawn) Christmas single Smile, in remembrance of Diana.

In paying tribute to Diana, speaking via Kingdom International, Michael also took a swipe at the world’s paparazzi:
The sudden loss of Diana, Princess of Wales, is one of the greatest tragedies of the millennium. Diana was a friend to the world.
As one who has been under scrutiny the majority of my life, I speak with authority when I say that I am horrified that the paparazzi, supported by the tabloids’ animalistic behaviour, may be acceptable to the public.
The world’s acceptance of this practice, if continued, will accelerate tragedies of this magnitude.

Michael subsequently contributed Gone Too Soon to TRIBUTE (USA: Diana Memorial Fund 69012, UK: Diana Memorial Fund VVR 1001052), an album comprising 36 songs, 13 of them previously unreleased. All proceeds from sales of the album went to the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund.


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