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Today in MJJ HIStory

1970 – The Jackson 5’s third album, imaginatively titled Third Album, was released, which featured the group’s 4th consecutive #1 single on the US pop charts, I’ll Be There.

Third Album was released after the Jackson 5 know their heyday, two weeks after the release of their fourth single, I’ll Be There, which would become their fourth-straight number one single on the Billboard Hot 100 in October-November; followed Mama’s Pearl in early 1971. Two more singles will be released outside the USA: How Funky Is Your Chicken and Goin ‘Back To Indiana. The album is full recovery of songs, pourrra include: a cover of Simon & Garfunkel (Bridge Over Troubled Water), a Smokey Robinson & The Miracles (The Love I Saw In You Was Just A Mirage) and adaptation of Oh How Happy as gospel.
The album peaked at #4 on the Billboard album charts and #1 on the R&B album charts and also #1 on Cashbox. This is considered one of their best efforts and is their most successful album to date. It sold over 6 million copies worldwide.

1979 – Michael’s single Don’t Stop ‘Till You Get Enough hit #1 on US Hot 100 chart and stay there for 5 weeks. The single earned Michael his 2nd Platinum Award in RIAA Sales.

1984 – The Jacksons performs second concert of the Victory tour at Mile High Stadium Denver [Colorado, USA] attending 26,840.

1985 – Michael Jackson’s single “Girl You’re So Together” hit #33 in the U.K.

Michael Jackson appeared as the duet vocalist on Jermaine Jackson’s “Tell Me I’m Not Dreaming.”

1988 – In England, Michael sold out Wembley Stadium on the 14th, 15th, 16th, 22nd, 23rd July, 26th and 27th August – a stadium record 504,000 people.
An achievement recognised on 8th September by the Wembley Stadium Management with a special award, and later by another entry in The Guinness Book Of Records.

1992 – Michael performs Dangerous tour at La Pontaise Stadium, Lausanne [Switzerland] attending 47,000.

1993Newsweek magazine(Japan) featured MJ on their cover.

1994 – Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley attended what was their first public engagement together, when they opened the 11th annual MTV Video Music Awards.

‘I’m very happy to be here,’ said Michael, after welcoming everyone to the show. ‘And just think, nobody thought this would last!’ Referring, of course, to his marriage.

Their 120 second appearance stole everyone else the show when Michael, surprising everyone, swept Lisa Marie into his arms, and tenderly kissed her in public for the very first time. The long, sensual kiss drew gasps and whistles from the audience.

The next day, it’s THE event in the media all over the world. Some refered to it as “The Kiss of the Century”, others compared the kiss to the famous kissing-scene in “Gone With The Wind” between Scarlett O’Hara and Rett Buttler.

Bravo Magazine featured MJ on the cover.

1997 – Michael returns to Neverland with Prince Michael Jr.

2001 – Read what New York Daily News’ Sept. 8th edition had to say about the first show [Sept. 07]:

His U.S. concert return packs Garden

[By Isaac Guzman and Leo Standora]

Michael Jackson took the stage at Madison Square Garden last night to show the world he still counts himself the King of Pop.

Seeking to recapture the magic that put “Thriller” and “Bad” among the best-selling albums ever, he performed with a galaxy of stars in his first U.S. concert in 11 years.

Reuniting with his brothers for a medley of hits recorded when they were the Jackson 5, and heating up the auditorium with a steamy version of “They Way You Make Me Feel” with a miniskirted Britney Spears, Jackson once again rocked his fans’ world.

When Jackson donned his trademark sequined jacket, single sequined glove and black fedora, then launched into an electric version of “Billie Jean”, the crowd went ballistic.

“He’s still to it”, announced one fan, as Jackson danced up a storm with his moonwalk, pop and lock, the robot and a series of eye-popping spins.

2002 – Michael Jackson recorded a video message to the German people to express his concern and condolences following the devasting floods that have afflicted the country.

Michael’s message was as follows: “To the people of Germany, I send my deepest concern, my deepest and most heart-felt condolences. You are NOT alone. I am here in spirit with you and you are in my prayers. Remember God is with you, and have faith in the fact that this too shall pass. All my love and caring, I love you forever. Thank you.”

Michael invited one German family with four children to Las Vegas to meet him and spend the weekend with him. The family is one of the many victims that lost everything in the floods.

And even more, he donated some items, personally signed in Las Vegas, to be auctioned in support of the victims.


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