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Today in MJJ HIStory

1987 – Blues & Soul magazine [UK] feature Michael on the cover with the story Michael Jackson: Bad times ahead.

1988 – Seventeen years after the Jackson 5ive cartoon series first aired, Michael was a cartoon again. Michael lent his song, “Beat It” to be used in a Flinstone Kids cartoon special encouraging kids to say no to drugs. The Flintstone Kids’ “Just Say No” Special was a 30-minute television special featuring The Flintstone Kids and produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions which aired on ABC.

In it, little Fred, Barney, Wilma, and Betty work odd jobs to earn enough money for tickets to a Michael Jackstone concert. When Wilma refuses to use marijuana in order to join a “cool crowd”, the Flintstone Kids and their friends start a campaign against drugs while trying to get tickets to a Michael Jackstone concert. They finally make it to the concert and see Michael Jackstone singing new lyrics to “Beat It” about not needing drugs:

Just Say No!

They told the girl
Why don’t you step over here
You wanna be cool
Take a look in here
They wanna do drugs
And they’re words are really clear
So beat it!
You don’t need it!
(Say no!)
You don’t need friends
Doing things that are wrong
There’s lots of kids like you
Who are cool and strong
It might be kinda tough
But you can move along
So beat it!
And say it ain’t fair

Don’t mean it!
Don’t need it!
Just say no to drugs
Defeat it!

Have a life that’s happy
A future that’s bright
You make it happen
Drugs are wrong
And you’re right
Just beat it!
Just beat it!
Say no
And defeat it!
Now Moms and Dads
You ought to listen to me
To be a kid today
It ain’t easy
Just make your home and family
A loving place to be
So beat it!
Send it riding wave!

In the cartoon, Stone Age Michael, voiced by Kipp Lennon, wears one glove and dons sunglasses. He moonwalks, and even grabs his crotch while dancing!

The Flintstone kids need to raise money in order to buy tickets to see Michael Jackstone (obvious reference) in concert. While attempting to raise money from teamwork, some older kids try to push drugs on our young role models. After failing to raise the money, the kids enter a race whose grand prize is tickets to see Jackstone. The older drug users also enter the race, expecting to crush our heroes. The effects of high drug abuse is shown when the Flintstone kids win the race due to the poor health of the drug users.

This was one of a few cartoon shows (another notable includes Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue) in the 80s to show young children that drugs were bad. This was one of the more effective shows because every kid could relate to the story. The desired thought process in kids would be, “I like to win. Drugs will make me slow, meaning I will lose. Hence, drugs will make me into a loser.” While most kids could care less about the message, it seeped its way into their subconscious.

1993 – Michael’s first show in Moscow was at the Lyzhniki Olympic Stadium. Some of the media delighted in reporting that MJ’s concert had not been sold out. What they didn’t point out was that the price of the tickets, at $11, was more than most people in Moscow make in a month. They also failed to mention that despite the ticket prices, that 93% of the seats were sold. Only 7,000 seats remained unsold for the show at the 100,000 seat stadium.

While on his Dangerous tour in Moscow, Russia for his concert there, Michael postpones his flight out of Moscow, instead goes to visit a hospital for mentally challenged children there, who rejoice at seeing him and fight for his attention. Michael holds a few children in his arms and on his lap, comforts and plays with them and wishes to entertain them: “I’d like to sing with them. We all know a song together”, he says, visibly emotional. The singer has asked for one of the children to be flown to America for care and treatment which he will pay for. He also visits children in a nearby orphanage, who will sing a song to him in Russian, turning him – the ultimate performer, into an attentive spectator.

2002 – By means of an auction, the performer donates 16 autographed items (compact discs, videos and a pair of cotton napkins), valued at 3935 Euros, to victims of a flood in Germany, as well as an autographed fedora and a jacket, worn by Jackson at the 2002 American Music Awards, to the “Tribute To Bambi” charitable auction, items calculated at 18,303 Euros and addressing the street children of Germany from “Off-Road-Kids e.V”.

2003 – The entertainer hosts a star-studded charitable event at Neverland Valley Ranch, ticket price at presale being 725 dollars, with proceeds going to the Oneness charitable organization. Guests enjoy a tour of Jackson’s menagerie, amusement rides, various assortments of food and other exciting things. The party subsequent to the event is hosted and broadcast live by ‘KIIS FM’. Jackson briefly addresses the guests in attendance. Prior to his speech, the “Harvest International Children’s Choir”, along with a host of fans and special guests in attendance, join in to chant ‘Happy Birthday’ to their favorite star, whose birth date had been 2 weeks before.

2007 – Michael makes a photoshoot at the Boylan Studios for an upcoming cover of Italian L’Uomo Vogue magazine with photographer Bruce Weber.


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