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Today in MJJ HIStory

1979 – The second leg of the Jacksons‘ Destiny tour began in New Orleans, Louisiana, while Off The Wall was climbing up the charts, and songs from the new album were added to the set list to keep the show up to date.

1993 – Michael perform Dangerous concert in Izmir, Turkey.

1996 – Michael performs third and the final HIStory concert at Amsterdam Arena in Amsterdam, Netherlands attending 68,000.

Mystery – A new official Michael Jackson product – a soft drink – was launched.

The fizzy fruit drink carrying the byline “fresh – cool – magic” is called “Mystery”, and will be sold on the tour and to retail outlets. “Mystery” is described as an “energy” drink made from fruit and plant extracts and vitamins and minerals.

The fizzy fruit drink comes in a 250ml can bearing an image of the HIStory statue. Mystery is delicious, healthy & vitalizing isotonic mineral drink, made from fruit extracts, vitamins & minerals; was available at the HIStory World Tour.

It is refreshing, fruity; with a touch of fresh peaches gets its unique pink colour.
The King of Pop himself had a hand in its high-quality recipe to make sure there’s nothing artificial in it! With help from german business man Dieter Wiesner who was introduced to Michael by his longtome bodyguard Wayne Nagin.

Mystery contains ingredients like Vitamin C and other vital vitamins as well as calcium and magnesium, altogether giving it a wonderful taste. Through pure substances Mystery has become the ideal basic drink which can mix with other drinks to create exciting new tastes.

It does contain 1.7% juice along with Water, CO₂, Saccharose, Citric Acid, Peach Juice Concentrate, Calcium Lactate, Fruit Tea Extract, Magnesium Carbonate, Guarana Extract, Caffeine & Flavouring. There was a vitamin mix in here too, with Vitamin C, Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, Vitamin B6, Thiamin (VIT B1), Bio-tin, Vitamin B12, Calcium & Magnesium.

Pop Rocky magazine[Germany] featured Michael on the cover.


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