Michael Jackson For All Time
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Today in MJJ HIStory

1982 – Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson release “Girl is Mine”.

1984 – The Jacksons perform Victory tour at Fulton County Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia [USA] attending 31,000.

1991 – Michael & Bruce Swedien complete the mixing of the Dangerous album in Los Angeles.

1993 – Michael performs at Azteca Stadium in Mexico City [Mexico] attending 100,000.

1996 – Michael performs the second HIStory concert at Merdeka Stadium in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia attending 30,000.

1998 – Michael & Debbie go to the Getty museum in Los Angeles with Prince & Paris

2001 – Michael Jackson’s first studio album in six years, “Invincible” had officially been released [US release date: October 30].

Michael Jackson has been “Bad”. He’s also been quite “Dangerous”. But now, six years after his last studio album, the Gloved One is hoping to prove he’s Invincible. The disc executive produced by Jackson with the help of a bevy of hot producers and writers is aimed at planting the superstar back on top after several years of speculation that his career was on the decline.

The absolutely amazing album is available in five different colors [cover] – for a limited time – and features over 77 minutes of new, groundbreaking and truly invincible music! Without a shadow of a doubt the best album of the last six years!!!

“Invincible”, the most recent release from Epic Records Group superstar Michael Jackson, had claimed the #1 spot on charts in countries around the world including The U.S., The U.K., Australia, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey.

Featuring tracks like “You Rock My World” (the first single) and “Speechless,” Invincible features the hit-making handiwork of producers Rodney Jerkins and Teddy Riley, among others.

2008 – Michael takes Prince, Paris & Blanket to an Halloween party in L.A.

2009 8 Days magazine[Singapore] featured Michael on the cover with the headline: Psst, what is it? A tribute to MJ’s greatness… his ‘two voices’, fake noses & when he was hawt


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